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“I’ve spent years starting and stopping. Ideas would come and go but I never stepped out on them. I lacked having someone who would hold me accountable. I had friends. I had people around me but what I needed was a community of people all dedicated to doing the same thing. I didn’t have it and so I had to do it on my own. I launched a successful women’s ministry, a design agency, and tons of products that are selling every day. My career has also positioned me to create e-commerce plans for startups, growing businesses, and ministries to increase revenue.

When most people launch, they don’t have a ton of capital and startup money. The average American is using their current paycheck from their 9-5 or business to launch their additional idea. Not knowing what to do will cost you money. With my expertise, I want to teach you how to minimize your starting costs with strategy and tips that I’ve picked up along the way. Learn how to take a concept for e-commerce and build a business in 30 days.”  – Genesis Dorsey, Creator of


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So many of us are skilled, gifted, and creative. However, that means nothing if you don’t understand how to gather your community and distribute what you have for them. Watch this Facebook Live Teaching with Genesis as she shares from the Bible, a principle that we must apply in our businesses!



Hustle School Member

My experience have been great and I like the fact that I was push out of my comfort zone. The class have me think like a brand and to be about the customers. I like the fact that you provide honest feedback and you know your stuff. You also answers all our questions and feedback. I also like the fact that this class make you see your vision very clear.


Hustle School Member

So far, I can honestly say I have learned more in my two weeks of the summer #HustleSchool than I have learn reading books in the past months. My money was well spent already. I’ve learned so much about getting things done on a schedule, catching customers eye, and making people want to learn about your brand. I can not wait to see how much more I learn at the end of this course.


Hustle School Member

My experience has been awesome. I have actually been sitting on my ideas for about 6 months now and even after researching, I still had trouble actually getting started due to fear and not knowing how to apply the info I researched. This class has made it a very smooth process going from just an idea to executing my vision. I am learning how to, not just throw a business together, but how to effectively brand my business for long term success. From the demonstrations to the honest feedback, it is definitely worth the investment.


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This class is amazing! I received way more than what I was expecting and we’re only midway through the course! I never imagined myself starting my own business until now. I started the course initially with the intent of selling merchandise as a side income, but the idea has grown into so much more from just the first week/class alone. You can tell that there was much thought and strategy included in the making of the syllabus. I really appreciate the sense of direction and organization of the material. Everything is so easy to follow and understandable, even for beginners. There were a lot of foreign business terms, such as a sole proprietorship, that I’ve never heard prior to the class. But Genesis makes it so easy to understand and she’s always available if you need additional help. Genesis herself is just an awesome person. Her energy and positivity is so contagious. Her honesty and critique is so valuable and greatly appreciated. She’s very knowledgeable and keeps it real! I learned of so many resources, especially free or low cost, to assist in the creation of my business. I graphically designed my logo and products myself, with no experience prior and they came out wonderful (all for free)! This class is honestly money well spent! It’s a great investment in yourself and your business. Guaranteed growth.


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